Underfloor Heating

Quality Underfloor Heating Systems in Suffolk & Cambridgeshire

As part of your renovation, extension, or new build project you may be considering the installation of underfloor heating.

As you would expect, there are many different manufacturers out there, and we’ve tried a lot of them! We’re happy to say that for the last 14 years we have chosen to partner with Wundatherm due to the quality of their products, exceptional guarantees, and performance.

underfloor heating being laid


Rapid response floor heating which is easy to install by laying the panels on top of your existing floor

laying screed for underfloor heating Suffolk


All you need for your screed system using close pipe centres and set back thermostats for optimum control

complete underfloor heating


Running warm water pipe through either aluminium spreader Plates or aluminium coated EPS between joist panels and re-laying your floorboards

New Builds✔️✔️✔️
No Need To Dig Up Floors✔️
Fast Heat Up Time✔️

Why do we choose Wunda’s underfloor heating?

For every project

They’ve developed a range of high-performance systems, suitable for old and new properties that will work with any heat source.

Leak proof

No joins under the floor and 100% leak proof pipe.

Quality at a low price

System costs are competitive with radiator systems.

Cheap to run

Save money and the planet! Costs 30% less than radiators, 65% less than electric floor heating to run and reduces your carbon emissions .

Rapid heat up time

Wundatherm heats up and cools down in minutes.

Compatible with all boilers

Compatible with any heat source, particularly suited to heat pumps.