Daikin Air Heat Pump

A Quality Heat Pump Manufacturer

A heat pump makes green energy a breeze…

A Daikin Altherma air-to-water heat pump uses heat from the outside air to warm a home’s central heating and hot water system. Even when it’s freezing outside, a Daikin Altherma air-to-water heat pump can extract heat from the air.

For every kilowatt of electricity the heat pump uses, it generates about 3-4 kilowatts of renewable heat from the air. Over the course of a year, it’s up to 300% efficient (even the most efficient fossil fuel boiler is less than 100% efficient).

Best of all, your running costs could be lower when you choose Daikin, particularly if your home is heated by oil, LPG or electricity. So you can enjoy greener energy in your home, while saving on your bills too.

Trust us: the future of heating is here.

Silence is Comfort…

When operating in Standard Sound Mode, the sound pressure level of the outdoor unit is 38 dBA (at 3 meters)—that’s somewhere between birds chirping and a quiet library. On Low Sound Mode, the sound pressure is reduced to half (35 dBA at 3 meters).

Three Key Advantages

  1. Ideal for refurbishment and retrofit projects
  2. Works with your existing radiators
  3. Simple replacement for oil boiler

Other Benefits

  • Guaranteed comfort, without the need for back-up heating
  • Stacked indoor unit and hot water cylinder saves floor space
  • Outdoor unit can be located up to 50 metres from your home
  • Quick hot water cylinder heating recovery times
  • Guaranteed operation down to -20°C
  • Delivers water temperatures up to 80°C
  • Eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive

Less reliant on fossil fuels

The price of fossil fuels goes up and down. Those fluctuations create uncertainty and no one knows quite what the future will bring. But one thing’s for certain: the more renewable heat we can generate from fresh air, the better it will be for our environment – and for future generations.

Upgrade your heating system easily

Ideal for refurbishment projects, the Daikin Altherma HT Split system heats water up to 80°C, so it will work with your existing radiators – meaning less installation cost and disruption to your home. The heat pump settings can be commissioned by your installer for optimal comfort and efficiency.

Reliable and efficient all year round

The system is able to store water in the hot water tank up to 75°C, providing more than enough hot water for even the largest household. Hot water heat recovery times are quick too, similar to a modern boiler. With guaranteed operation down to -20°C and an optional back-up heater, your system will provide constant heating and hot water all year round, with no anti-freeze required, giving you total peace of mind.

Government funding is available

As an MCS accredited renewable heating system, the Daikin Altherma HT Split air-to-water heat pump is eligible for funding from the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) as long as the heating water flow temperature (at MCS design conditions) is 65°C or less. BUS is a government backed incentive that gives you an immediate £5,000 off your upfront costs. So not only are you upgrading your heating system but you are doing it at massively discounted price!

Space-saving, versatile design

The High Temperature system includes an outdoor unit, which can be sited discreetly up to 50m from your home. No special ground work is required and the dimensions of the Daikin Altherma HT Split meet the requirements of Permitted Development Rights, so planning is not needed for most installations. Inside, the hot water cylinder can be stacked on top of the indoor unit (looking similar to a tall fridge freezer) to minimise the floor space required.

A hassle-free heating solution

Unlike with other systems such as oil or biomass, you don’t have to worry about fuel deliveries, bulk buying or fuel storage. A heat pump generates no waste that requires regular cleaning. With just a simple annual inspection and three years parts and labour warranty as standard (upon registration), you can count on the Daikin Altherma HT Split to perform efficiently, year after year.


For heating and cooling

Powered by 80% air and 20% electricity

Ideal for new homes, Green Buildings and replacing old electric heating systems

Air-to-water high temperature

For heating, hot water and cooling

Powered by 65% air and 35% electricity

Optional solar support

Connects to existing piping system and high temperature radiators

Ideal for renovations and replacing old boilers


For heating, hot water and cooling

Powered by an optimal combination of air, electricity and gas depending on seasonal conditions and energy prices

Ideal for renovations and replacing old gas boilers

Developed in Europe – The Daikin European Development Centre researches and develops heating solutions in Europe for Europe. Designed specifically for the range of climates that we experience in Europe; you can remain confident that your Daikin heating solution will perform in temperatures as low as -25°C

Powered by renewable energy – By extracting renewable energy from the air, the Daikin Altherma high temperature heats and provides your home with hot water in a sustainable way.

  • Powered by 65% renewable energy extracted from the air and 35% electricity
  • Achieves A+ energy efficiency label
  • Combine your heat pump with solar support to increase your hot water energy savings

Trust Daikin

You may never have heard of Daikin. After all, they don’t make cars, TVs, fridges or washing machines.

But they do make world-class heat pumps. In fact, more than 250,000 Daikin Altherma heat pumps have been fitted across Europe since its initial launch in 2006.

Because they focus on doing only what they’re best at: creating the most efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions, renowned for design excellence, quality and reliability.

So you can depend on Daikin for the ultimate in comfort, leaving you free to focus on the other essentials in your life.

“More than 250,000 Daikin Altherma heat pumps have been fitted across Europe since its initial launch in 2006.”